Research: Women In Media

In 2016, NFNV partnered with renowned research firm InfotrakResearch & Consulting to conduct a study on how Kenyan women are portrayed in the media entitled Women In Media: What is the Narrative? Interviews were carried out with 800 individuals and the findings were further analysed by NFNV. The study revealed that women enjoyed coverage in areas regarding health and nutrition and were often portrayed as victims in crime stories.

The research also revealed that for every 10 stories published, only 3 covered women and of this 30%, only 3% of the stories discussed women in business notwithstanding the fact that Kenyan women made up 52% of the population. The impact of this is that women are not perceived to be leaders and their stories and unique needs are not effectively relayed. This research was launched at a women in media side event hosted in partnership with UN Women at the Graça Machel Trust Women Advancing Africa conference in August 2017 in Dar es Salaam.