Nairobi Securities Exchange Partnership

NFNV Kenya has undertaken activities over the years some of which are highlighted below.

In 2015, the Nairobi Securities Exchange (“NSE”) in partnership with NFNV conceptualised the NSE Leadership and Diversity Series (“Series”); an initiative aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion on boards of listed companies for business growth and sustainability in the long term.

• Research
Research conducted by the Kenya Institute of Management in collaboration with Barclays Bank of Kenya, NSE and NFNV on Board Diversity in Publicly Listed Companies in Kenya and the influence on Financial Performance launched in July 2017 demonstrated the positive role that diversity and inclusion in boardrooms played in driving productivity, performance and market growth. The research showed that Kenya leadsgender diversity on boards of listed companies in Africa, despite many moreimprovements envisaged. The Series included the New Faces New Voices Board Diversity Award which recognises companies that have demonstrated an improvement in the prioritydiversity attributes, namely; professional mix, which encompasses technical skills andrelated experience, age diversity, and gender balance.
Now in its sixth year, the Series has matured into a corporate social responsibility programme which spearheads dialogue by enhancing various aspects of leadership, diversity and inclusion within listed companies.

• Case Study Challenge
In late 2018, NFNV and NSE developed an opportunity for listed companies to showcase their initiatives to enhance diversity and inclusion. Companies were required to feature progress and achievement at both board and management level, emphasise aspects such as age, gender, education, disability, nationality and professional diversity and highlight programmes which show commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion beyond the C-suite via a case study.
The case studies will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of independent judges and those which demonstrate innovation and impact will be recognised as models of best practice at a CEOs breakfast, published on the NSE and NFNV websites and communicated widely. It is expected that programmes will be developed from the insights gained to support companies in achieving market best practice. The initiative is ongoing.

• Equileap Research
Equileap, a leading research organisation based in the Netherlands providing data and insights on gender equality in the corporate sector, will carry out research, in partnership with NFNV and NSE, to evaluate NSE listed companies on their performance in gender equality in the workplace. We expect the research to be completed in October 2019 and the findings published and launched in November 2019.Equileap conducts research on and ranks over 3,000 public companies around the world and the data is published annually in the Equileap Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking which covers 23 countries in developed economies. Kenyan listed companies will be the first in Africa to be featured in Equileap’s annual publication and the research findings will be used to inform the regional and global markets of the advances made so far and develop a benchmark to measure other African listed companies. The research will be released to local, regional and international media.